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Digital Marketing Scholarship for College Students | Snap Agency

Thank you so much for participating, the winner has been chosen! Join us in congratulating Alexander Loyd for his article "The Hunger Games in-universe marketing sets bar high" * Pending a confirmation with his school.

Calling all current and potential college students,
Socrates, Schroedinger, Foucat. Do you believe that your name belongs amongst this list of distinguished scholars? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Because we’re presenting you with the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the first Snap Scholar. By completing the challenge below, you will be the honored recipient of a one-thousand dollar check, put directly towards your future or current college education. On top of that, you’ll be featured on the Snap blog, where your article will be read by thousands. So what do you have to do to become the first Snap Scholar?

To the best of your ability, complete a 1,000 word article discussing a cutting-edge digital marketing tactic that is on the cusp of becoming incredibly important. Why and how will it change the way marketers promote their brand online? Complete your answer by showing us a strategy that supports your hypothesis.

Complete your 1,000 word article, making sure to call out headings for readability, and upload a featured image for your article.
Within a few days after you submit, we will email you with a link to the live post.

Visitors will be able to vote at the bottom of your article when it is published. So, using the link we provide you with, feel free to let your families, friends and social networks know where the article is to read it and vote. We will measure shareability (How much traffic is driven to that post) and that will be one criteria for how the judges determine the winner.

The winning article will include these three certain criteria:

  • High-quality writing
  • Shareability
  • Originality
  • How cutting edge is the article?


The final winner, based on the decision of our marketing experts, (taking into consideration the criteria/votes and traffic driven to the article,) will receive $1,000 dollars towards future or ongoing education and have their article featured on our primary Snap blog, read by thousands of people every month.
Runner-up articles that follow the above criteria and display diligence will be featured prominently on our Scholarship Contest blog.
Good luck to all applicants.

Legal: Snap Agency waives any liability for images we display from entries as they are submitted by participants, and forbid uploading of copyrighted material. If you have a complaint about an image that infringes on Copyright please send us a message here.

Last Day to Enter: 10/05/15 | Winner Announced: 10/15/15

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  • Feel free to use HTML in your article if you know it. Particularly using H2 tags around titles will be helpful. If you're not sure how to do that it would be useful to indicate titles with a '>' caret, so we can turn them into titles in the published article.
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