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Snap Agency is an SEO and digital growth company serving brands across the Boston area. For 15+ years, we’ve been crafting proven SEO strategies that produce measurable results.

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Right now, you might be asking, “How can your SEO services support and grow my Boston-based business?” Here’s your answer:


SEO is evolving with every new technology, trend and cute animal update from Google. And with our data-driven approach and commitment to research, Snap stands at the forefront of search engine optimization strategy and practices.

So stop stressing over your search performance—our SEO best practices will keep driving quality traffic and let you focus on your business.



Making it big as a Boston-based business is tough—regardless of your industry. Thanks to its thriving economy, there’s no shortage of competing brands flocking to Boston, which is why it’s essential to strengthen your digital presence. By dominating search results and landing a coveted spot on page one, you can attract the right users to your website and increase sales. And that’s where SEO factors in.

Snap Agency has been innovating in the field of SEO for over 15 years, earning more than a few awards in the process. Our secret sauce is experimentation; we research new ideas, test them across our own sites and employ the best SEO tactics we discover for our clients. The result? Increased traffic, conversions and ROI for the brands we serve.

Are you a Boston business trying to increase the search performance of your website? Well, you’re definitely in the right place. We’ve helped several B2B and B2C brands in your area boost online traffic and sales, making us a leading provider of SEO services in Boston. By working together, we can meet and surpass your digital growth goals.

What is SEO & Why Does Your Boston Business Need It?

The purpose of search engine optimization is to help companies attract online traffic. In other words, it’s the discipline of adding features to a website that search engines view as valuable to earn better ranking results. SEO tactics can increase the number of customers who see your site when searching online for products and services—which drives visits and sales.

At Snap, we’re experts at improving search ranking using data-driven SEO tactics for local businesses. Our selection of Boston SEO services include the latest practices for attracting customer to your website—and demonstrating the value your brand brings over competitors.

By working closely with your internal team, we create and implement a fully customized SEO strategy tailored to your unique short- and long-term goals. From bringing new visitors to your site to reinvigorating your current portfolio of clients, Snap’s SEO experts can help you craft the perfect digital marketing solution for your unique needs.


Our SEO process consists of three vital parts: Website Optimization, Content Marketing, and Link Acquisition. Separately, these strategies can boost your online search ranking. And together, they synergize to take your digital marketing to another level entirely.

Bear in mind that all of our SEO services can be customized around your business needs. We know full well that there’s no universal SEO solution for every company—especially those with a niche audience or specific objectives. Our team works closely with yours to understand your brand and its objectives—allowing us to create more specialized solutions that drive the specific business outcomes you value. Together, we can connect your business with even more customers and position your team for long-term success.


  • Websites need to capture the interest of visitors from the moment they click in. If you don’t clearly and concisely show value to users, it’s all too easy for them to bounce and start searching for solutions on other sites.

    Website optimization is all about balancing the needs of your visitors with the needs of search engines. We ensure your site looks and sounds excellent—without neglecting its overall purpose. We implement meta descriptions, long-tail keywords, high-value content and other assets to optimize the search performance of your site—while attracting and converting your ideal audience. Here are the four strategies we use across our optimization process:

    • A brand message that’s easy to understand
    • Copy that’s informative and compelling
    • Keywords that count
    • The latest technical requirements
  • The best websites do more than sell; they educate and enthrall customers with valuable content that compliments and enhances your brand. That’s the value that turns interested visitors into loyal customers. Through content marketing, you can cement your business as an industry leader that delivers worthwhile insights—and inspire users to explore your offerings.

    At Snap, we have decades of experience crafting creative and compelling content for a range of B2B and B2C clients. We can also push this content across your social media channels to attract even more traffic back to your website. Our proven content marketing strategies create valuable, SEO-friendly content that interests and engages customers on an emotional and intellectual level—including blogs, landing pages and service pages. These assets also make use of leading SEO tactics to help you hit your marketing goals. From boosting your search ranking for a critical keyword to increasing online conversions in general, our content marketing efforts can position your brand for digital success.

  • Link acquisition is the practice of increasing your site’s search ranking by incorporating high-quality links to other websites—and earning links on other reputable sites that tie back to yours. This effort can boost the traffic flow and overall visibility of your website.

    One of the best parts of link acquisition is that it appeals to the needs of site visitors and search engines—which is what effective SEO is all about. Not only does this tactic bring more visitors to your site and keep them informed, but it also demonstrates to Google that your site is reliable and worthy of a higher ranking.

    While link acquisition does take time to bear fruit, it’s undoubtedly one of the most important facets of any SEO strategy. Snap’s link builders have over 15 years of experience finding relevant, high-quality links to up your search ranking—without disrupting your other SEO efforts. Last but not least, we only source links that provide meaningful value and help set your business apart from competing brands.


Since 2003, Snap has been testing search engine optimization tactics on our own online stores—years before we started offering SEO as a service to clients. Unlike many SEO companies, we’ve proven that we can build businesses from the ground up with long-term SEO strategies.

Our unique combination of creativity, curiosity and tested SEO tactics, we can help your business thrive online—and completely transform your digital marketing results.


Effective SEO supports measurable improvements to traffic, visibility and business growth.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that helps clients grow through proven SEO strategies. Our Boston search engine optimization services can help your brand attract and convert online traffic to support your bottom line.

We have over 15 years of SEO experience.