Analytics & Reporting

Track every click from Minneapolis and beyond with web analytics

“Is it working?” That’s the question you should be asking about any work that an digital marketing agency does for you.

We’ll help you answer that question with our data and web analytics package. We use analytics to track the traffic to your site, measure success, and identify new opportunities for you to reach your audience.

Everything comes down to the numbers.

What to expect with web analytics

Regular reporting that measures the ROI on your ads, website and marketing campaigns
Integration with your PPC campaigns, website, and social media channels
Data analysis that helps you assess the success of your digital marketing and advertising
Customized reporting schedule and metrics

How does it work?

We measure your site performance and traffic using a few different tools, so early on, we install some code on your site and start collecting data.

After your site has launched, we start measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) that help us better understand how well your site is performing and how effective your marketing strategies are.

The metrics we use center around visitor engagement, user intent, goal conversion, and ROI (return on investment).

Depending on your goals and strategies (such as lead generation, ecommerce, or PPC), the number of data points within each area of analysis may vary.

The data are then used to formulate winning strategies for your SEO and SEM. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Applicable services

All of them. That’s the beauty of digital marketing, that every click can be tracked.

Search Engine Optimization
Local SEO
Pay Per Click Advertising
Social Media Marketing & Advertising
Ecommerce Solutions
Email Marketing Services

Let’s Talk Strategy

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