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Snap Agency Overhauls NuStarr Resources Website

By Snap Agency February 24, 2014

NuStarr Rescources Incorporated came to Snap wanting a website redesign that better represented them as a company. We at Snap delivered.

NuStarr, a local software solution provider and consultant, focuses exclusively on businesses that utilize the Made2Manage software platform. For more than 20 years, NuStarr has been providing solid advice and greater return value for companies around the Twin Cities and beyond.

NuStarr came to Snap Agency a while back looking for help with their website and search engine rankings. They already had a site, but it just wasn’t reflecting the best aspects of the company. It was cluttered and difficult to navigate–definitely not optimized for search.

We wanted to create something that reflected an expert organization that has been in the software business for more than two decades. We simplified the mainframe, overhauled the design and showcased the human side of the business.

In detail, we:

  • Improved their calls to action by implementing buttons where necessary to encourage the visitor to move into the next step of the funnel process.

  • Fixed their services page to include better content and more specific information about the company and services.

  • Optimized site content for Google and set up analytical tracking.

  • Enhanced their brand identity, building their “personality” around an executive project manager and CPA.

Overall, a sense of simplicity and cleanliness now dominates NuStarr’s website. Snap enhanced the best elements of the company and improved website content. This is much better for their SEO rankings and local search directories and will immensely improve their overall digital marketing strategy.

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If you’re looking to overhaul your business’ website, or need advice for web design in Minneapolis, look to Snap. Like NuStarr, you can be on your way to better business, more customers and higher profits. Give us a call today to get started! 763-220-8638