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There are hundreds of questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about selling your agency. But here’s the most important one:


Snap Agency has advised, acquired and negotiated with agencies of every size on the process of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We leverage that experience to make selling your digital marketing agency simple and mutually beneficial.

In other words, we bring transparency, honesty and clarity to the M&A process—so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the right value.



There are many reasons why sellers move on from their agencies. You might be selling your company to capitalize on growing revenue, generate returns after losing profits or key team members, or simply move on to the next adventure. No matter your reasons for M&A, you need an honest and direct seller that appreciates your needs and the full value of your internet marketing company.

At Snap, we’ve spent over 15 years expanding our expertise in the field of digital marketing through research, curiosity and strategic acquisitions. We understand full well the impact that M&A can have on sellers, and the ROI buyers stand to gain through the right acquisitions partner. Together, we can achieve an outstanding outcome for both parties—and make a few friends along the way.
Are you the owner of a well-regarded internet marketing company and ready to sell? Then you’re in the perfect place. We’ve successfully acquired a range of digital marketing organizations. Our team will work with you step by step to appraise your company and ensure you get the value you deserve.

Why is Snap the Best Buyer for Your Digital Marketing Company?

If your agency is growing, chances are good that you’ve already received a few messages from interested buyers. But do they have the right level of experience to accurately assess your company’s worth? And, even more importantly, will they be honest and open with you throughout the M&A process?

Snap has a proven track record of acquiring digital marketing agencies just like yours. Thanks to our experience with acquisitions, we’re experts at integrating employees and clients seamlessly while ensuring that your needs as a seller are met.

Our acquisition approach is flexible and collaborative; we work together with each seller to understand their unique goals, payment preferences, and overall expectations. We make it easy to know how we appraise your company’s worth—and are more than willing to negotiate with you to reach the right number. Those are the perks of working with a buyer who cares.


Our goal is to keep you 100% informed and comfortable across the acquisition process. We’re honest and direct about every detail of the sale—and happy to talk through any questions or concerns you bring up.

More importantly, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for every acquisition. Your agency has unique people, clients and systems—all of which need to be accounted for during and after the sale. Through close collaboration, we gain insights into your requirements as a seller—and build our acquisition around those needs. We also take the time to learn about your agency’s people and clients to make integration as smooth as possible. Our overarching goal is to provide the best value for both parties while making the selling process simple, transparent and painless.


  • After connecting with you, our team sends out a list of questions to get a more accurate assessment of your company’s worth. This is the perfect time for you to compare us to other interested buyers and ensure we’re the right choice.

    We won’t ask about any sensitive business information until we’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, so just answer these questions simply and honestly—and let us know if you have questions of your own. Once you submit your answers, we dive deeper into your agency to understand its current worth and potential for growth. Here are a few factors we take into account:

    • Net profit margins
    • EBITDA
    • Team expertise
    • Client pool
  • Once we’ve gotten in touch and parsed through your answers, we send you a Letter of Intent (LOI). This detailed document breaks down exactly how much we believe your company is worth—along with our proposal for the deal. If you agree to these terms off the bat, then we move into more specific terms. If not, then it’s time to break down our evaluation and negotiate potential changes.

    During the selling process, you should gather precise information on the worth of your agency—and good explanations on how you reached those numbers. You can use those insights here if our assessments don’t line up perfectly. After all, you understand your agency better than anyone—and we’re more than willing to adjust if your reasoning is sound. Above all else, we want you to be happy with the final evaluation we give for your agency before we move forward; that’s the secret to every successful acquisition. And once we’re both on the same page, we can move onto the fine details of the purchase.

  • Once we’ve agreed on the same number and general selling terms, we dive into specifics. How should we handle the transition of clients, employees and other agency assets? How can we ensure all parties involved are satisfied and comfortable across this process of change.

    Again, this is where our collaborative M&A approach comes in handy. We use this step to ensure any lingering questions or concerns you have about the transition are accounted for and meet the needs of your people and clients.

    After we’ve finalized the details of the deal, we meet one last time to create a comprehensive legal document, which we call a term sheet. This asset communicates the full details of the sale—and can be as specific as we need it to be. Once both parties sign off on the term sheet, the acquisition is complete. Congrats! At this point, we put away all the paperwork and get ready to celebrate; you’re more than welcome to join us.


We’ve been perfecting our M&A system for years across countless interested agency owners. Our combination of experience and transparency makes us the perfect choice for a range of sellers—which is how we’ve continued to grow through acquisitions over the years. And with your help, we can expand even further.

If you’re ready to sell and get the best value for your internet marketing agency, then give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you.


When done right, agency acquisitions provide outstanding value for both parties.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that helps clients grow through data-driven strategies. We’ve been helping agency owners succeed through partnerships and M&A since 2003.

We have over 15 years of M&A experience.